Vision Options

See which vision benefits our individual plans cover and what benefits you can get by buying additional coverage.

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What You Get with Your Plan

Under the Affordable Care Act, any member 18 years and under gets vision care at no extra cost. Adults who are 19 and older are covered for a yearly eye exam.

Plans Adult Vision Exam
once every 12 months
Pediatric Vision Exam
once every 12 months
Pediatric Vision Materials*
includes frames and lenses, or contacts once every 12 months
  Preferred Provider Non-Preferred Provider Preferred Provider Non-Preferred Provider Preferred Provider Non-Preferred Provider
HMO 3800 Elite Bronze
HMO 4000d Elite Bronze
HMO 6650a Elite Bronze
HMO 3100 Elite Silver
HMO 4000b Elite Silver
HMO 5000c Elite Silver
HMO 2000 Elite Gold
HMO 3500a Elite Silver
HMO 7350 Riverside Silver
$20 per exam Not covered $0 per exam Not covered $0 per exam Not covered
HMO 3700 Elite Bronze
HMO HSA 3250 Elite Silver
Not covered Deductible,
Not covered Deductible,
Not covered
HMO HSA 6000 Elite Bronze
HMO 7350 Elite Catastrophic
Not covered Deductible,
Not covered Deductible,
Not covered
POS 5000a Elite Bronze
POS 6300 Elite Silver
POS 6650a Elite Bronze
POS 3500a Elite Silver
POS 3750c Elite Bronze
POS 7350 Elite Silver
$20 per exam Not covered $0 per exam Deductible,
$0 per exam In-network benefit applies
POS HSA 6000 Elite Bronze
POS HSA 6550 Elite Bronze
Not covered Deductible,
In-network benefit applies

Extra Vision Coverage You Can Buy

You can also buy extra vision benefits from VSP for your individual plan. Their strong network of doctors covers more than 56 million members across the country.

With these extras, everyone on your plan 19 years and older gets:

  • An eye exam
  • Unlimited discounts on:
    • Glasses lenses
    • Glasses frames
    • Contact lenses
    • Laser surgery

All this costs just $3.91 per month per person. There's also no deductible and a $130 allowance for frames and contact lenses.

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*Members can choose any provider for vision materials. We cover material costs up to our maximum allowable cost. If a provider bills at more than maximum allowable cost, members are responsible for paying the difference.

WellVision Exam® Thorough Eye Exam Covered in Full* Once Every 12 Months
  • Glass or plastic, single-vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal lenses covered in full*
  • 20% off all non-covered lens options
  • 20% off additional pairs of prescription glasses (unlimited)
  • 20% off non-prescription sunglasses (unlimited)
  • Frames covered in full* up to the retail allowance of $130 for a wide selection of frames
  • 20% off any amount above the $130 allowance (once every 12 months)
Contact Lenses
  • 15% off contact lens services (excluding materials)
  • Instead of eyeglasses, elective contact lens services and materials covered up to $130 toward any type of prescription contact lenses
  • Necessary contact lenses covered in full* for members who have a specific condition for which contact lenses provide better sight correction
Laser VisionCare Program
  • VSP-contracted laser centers provide discounts for laser surgery including PRK, LASIK, and Custom LASIK**
  • Discounts average 15% off or 5% off if the laser center offers a promotional price***

*Except for any applicable copayment, including a $20 copayment for the exam. There is no separate copayment for lenses, frames, or contacts.
**Custom LASIK coverage only available using wavefront technology with the microkeratome surgical device. Other LASIK procedures may be performed at an additional cost to the member.
***Laser VisionCare discounts are only available from VSP-contracted facilities. Preauthorization required.


For details on specific vision services and limits, see your plan's policy (under Vision Care).