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2022 State Plans

State of Illinois Employees

Welcome to a health plan made for you. We’re proud to offer our Health Alliance™ HMO plan to State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP), College Insurance Program (CIP), Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) and Local Government Health Plan (LGHP) members for the 2022 plan year. Open enrollment is May 1 - 31.

Are you a State of Illinois retiree?

If you’re a State of Illinois retiree, we have a different plan made for you.

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Employee Groups

Health Alliance offers coverage for State of Illinois employees and their dependents in any of the employee groups below in 96 of Illinois' 102 counties. See if we are available in your area.

Personal, Affordable, Effective

HMO Plan with Flexibility

Our health maintenance organization (HMO) plan is made with you in mind, giving you access to a large statewide network that continues to grow with virtual healthcare options.

We recommend choosing a primary care provider to support your health and make sure you get the care you need. But you don’t need a referral to see in-network specialists. Plus, you have coverage for out-of-network emergency and urgent care.

HMO Policy

Your Perks and Programs

Get access to plenty of perks and programs made for you and your health goals.

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Hally® health

Hally health is all about helping you live your healthiest life. And we give you plenty of ways to do it, like fitness courses, recipes, wellness programs, health coaching, care coordination and more. Plus, you can connect with board certified doctors anytime through on-demand virtual visits.

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Finding Care

With a statewide network of trusted doctors to choose from, you get access to reliable care with lots of options.

  • Find doctors and hospitals in network.
  • Get 24/7 answers to your health questions with the Anytime Nurse Line.
  • Schedule a virtual visit from home.

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Student Extended Network Program

Health Alliance gives your family access to trusted doctors and hospitals. That doesn’t have to change when your dependent seeks education outside our service area.

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