Pharmacy Programs

You can also find your plan's list of covered drugs or pharmacies by logging into Your Health Alliance.

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What Drugs Are Covered

A formulary is the list of drugs covered by your plan. See your plans' covered drugs:

Medicare Pharmacy Programs

Find drugs for complex diseases that have special instructions, need preauthorization, or need to be given by a health care professional:


Find definitions for important pharmacy terms in our Understand Insurance section.

Extra Help

If you're having trouble affording your medicine, contact your doctor, your case manager, or our pharmacy department at 1-800-851-3379, option 4 to discuss your options and support.

Where Can I Fill My Drugs?

Filling your prescriptions should be easy, because life is already hectic enough. We've partnered with many major and local pharmacies, so you never have to go far.

Remember, unless it’s an emergency, you must go to an in-network pharmacy for your prescriptions to be covered.


With Rxtra, you can choose how much you save at our 3 kinds of in-network pharmacies.

Find Primary, Preferred, or Preferred Plus pharmacies. Just show them your member ID card to save.

What are some Primary, or in-network, pharmacies?

  • CostCo
  • CVS
  • Dominick’s
  • Hy-Vee Foods
  • Longs
  • Medicine Shoppe
  • Rite Aid
  • Safeway
  • Sav-Mor
  • ShopKo
  • Target
  • Walgreens

And many more! Find in-network pharmacies near you.

What are some Preferred Plus pharmacies?

  • Dierbergs
  • Kmart
  • Kroger
  • Osco
  • Sam's Club
  • Schnucks
  • Walmart

And many more! Find in-network pharmacies near you.