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TruHearing® Hearing Benefit

Get one routine hearing exam for a $45 copay when you see a TruHearing provider and lowered rates on up to two TruHearing hearing aids per year.

Coverage includes:

  • $45 initial hearing exam.
  • Two hearing aids per year through TruHearing.
  • Three follow-up visits with a TruHearing provider to have your new hearing aids fitted and adjusted.
  • 45-day trial period.
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty for repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement.
  • 48 batteries per hearing aid.

Getting Started 

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Choosing Hearing Aids

TruHearing hearing aids come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles with advanced features to fit your needs.

Getting Hearing Aids

  1. Call TruHearing at (855) 205-5059.
  2. A hearing consultant will help you set up a hearing exam with a TruHearing audiologist or hearing instrument specialist in your area.
  3. If your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist finds hearing loss at your appointment, they’ll help you choose and order the right hearing aids through TruHearing.
  4. Once you get your new hearing aids, you’ll go back to your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist to have them fitted and programmed.

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Three hearing aid follow-up visits must be used within one year of the date of the initial purchase. The 45-day trial period and hearing aid returns, repairs and replacements are subject to provider and manufacturer fees. For questions regarding fees, contact TruHearing customer service.