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You're Ready to Sell!

Congratulations and thank you for contracting with Health Alliance. Not sure what you need to know to sell our Medicare Advantage plans? We can help!


Hally for brokers is our simple website to connect you to all the resources and information you need to sell our plans. Register now.

Once you've signed up, you can order marketing and sales materials, download the CMS approved sales presentation, and look at the Broker Manual.

Sales Kits

Our sales kits include everything you need to sell our Medicare plans.

  • Scope of Appointment
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Enrollment Form
  • Automatic Payment Form
  • Premium Withhold Form
  • Helpful info, like our Key Benefits Guide and rates.

*Our provider directory and formulary are not included.

Sales kits can be ordered on the Forms & Resources page.

Marketing Materials

You can order marketing materials like formularies and enrollment forms on the Forms & Resources page.

The Forms & Resources page also provides a link to the Broker Storefront. The storefront allows personalization of select advertising materials. The site also allows for easy download of materials with a click of a single button.

Scope of Appointments

You can also download the Scope of Appointment form instantly on the Forms & Resources page. Scope of Appointments may be submitted electronically with our Medicare online enrollment tool.

And always make sure you’re ordering for the correct market and state.

Enrollment Options

We have many convenient enrollment options to make the process easier for you and our members.

Online Enrollment

Enrolling online is a fast and convenient way to send your applications to us. With this tool, you’ll enter an application directly into our enrollment site, and you can keep the paper application. Then, the application will be in our system in about 24 hours. Sometimes this enrollment site may be referred to as DestinationRx® in our communications.

2024 Enroll Online Now

Your username will be your NPN number, and you can access/change password via the Forgot Password link on the log in page.

Note: The URL for this site changes each year, and old username and passwords will not work on the new site.

Paper Applications

Paper applications can be mailed or uploaded via our document upload tool.


Contact Us

For assistance, contact our Broker Support Line at (877) 917-8489 or

Contact Customer Solutions at (800) 965-4022 for Member questions such as benefits, claims status, prior authorizations, eligibility.


Enrollment Inbox
Email Health Alliance

Enrollment Fax
(217) 902-9727

Post-Sale Medicare Service Line
(800) 965-4022


Enrollment Inbox
Email Health Alliance

Enrollment Fax

Post-Sale Medicare Service Line
(877) 750-3350


Enrollment Inbox
Email Health Alliance

Enrollment Fax
(217) 902-9727

Post-Sale Medicare Service Line
(877) 917-8550