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Federal Plans

Plan Overview

When it comes to coverage, it’s all about you. Get access to the healthcare you need, plus plenty of perks to help you with your health goals and lowered rates on plans for the whole family.

FEHB Brochure Drug Formulary

2021 HMO Standard Option Premium Rates (Member's Share)

Non-Postal Premium
Self Only (K84)
Bi-Weekly $78.87
Monthly $170.89
Self +1 (K86)
Bi-Weekly $168.65
Monthly $365.40
Self & Family (K85)
Bi-Weekly $182.81
Monthly $396.09
Postal Premium
Self Only (K84)
Bi-Weekly Category 1 $75.72
Bi-Weekly Category 2 $65.46
Self +1 (K86)
Bi-Weekly Category 1 $161.90
Bi-Weekly Category 2 $139.98
Self & Family (K85)
Bi-Weekly Category 1 $175.50
Bi-Weekly Category 2 $151.73

Your Perks and Programs

Get access to plenty of perks and programs made for you and your health goals.

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How to Enroll

If you’re an actively working federal employee, you can enroll using your agency’s preferred method or by contacting your agency personnel office.

Most agencies use an online enrollment tool. You’ll need the name of the plan and enrollment code listed below. Some agencies use paper forms. If yours does, you’ll need the SF 2809 form.

Health Alliance HMO

  • Standard Option Self Only K84
  • Standard Option Self Plus One K86
  • Standard Option Self and Family K85

New employees have 60 days to enroll in benefits.

If you are retired and want to enroll use the online system during Open Season or call the Retirement Information Center (888) 767-6738. You can also email OPM at

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