Self-Funded Group Plans

Most employer group insurance plans are fully insured. Under fully insured plans, your insurance company takes on the financial and legal risk of loss. In exchange, your business pays fixed premiums.

Employers with self-funded, or self-insured, plans take on the risk of paying for their employees’ health care.

If claims are lower than expected, self-funded plans save your business money on health care costs. If claims are higher than expected, stop-loss insurance can limit your financial risk.

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Why Choose Self-Funding?

  • Employees pay their premiums directly to your business. Your business can accumulate interest on this money for profit.
  • Self-funded plans must meet the standards of the Employee-Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) instead of state laws, so employers with these plans don’t have to meet state insurance laws that apply to medical benefit plan administrators.
  • Your business avoids risk charges, insurance company reserves, and most premium taxes.
  • We provide your business with clear reports on how every dollar is spent, so you have all the information you need to manage the plan effectively.

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